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Crazy Rich Asians 

“No matter how advanced we’ve become, there’s still tremendous pressure for girls to get married. Here, it doesn’t matter how successful a woman is professionally. She isn’t considered complete until she is married and have children.”

– Kevin Kwan

In honor of my first attempt of writing a book review here (I have another one which I don’t think I’m proud of to share with you), let’s talk about the most recent book I have finished reading and enjoyed very much.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan!

Let me begin by sharing with you all that I am Asian. I belong in Southeast part of this very big continent. The fact that this book takes place mainly in the Southeast Asian countries made me excited. And to have an all-Asian set of characters made me giddy.

Finally! I exclaimed as I began reading.

How often do I get to pick up a book that isn’t set in the western world or have main characters that aren’t white or half white? Not often, I tell you.

I was even happier to recognize most of the places in the countries the characters fly to and from like Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore! I’ve visited those countries and whenever the characters mentioned places I’ve been to, it feels surreal to be able to picture it in its actual state.

That on itself is a whole star in my Goodreads rating.

I admit, I was hesitant to pick this up even if a friend of mine recommended it. I haven’t been in a contemporary reading mood lately. I feared that it’ll bore me or worse, annoy me. So I’ve been putting it off my TBR priority list.

READER FACT #1: I get easily annoyed with a character. You will notice it throughout the next posts.

But I LOVED this book!

It is about an American-born Chinese named Rachel Chu who is about to go to Singapore (and Asia, really) with her boyfriend who’s born in Singapore. She thought that the only thing to worry about was what to bring as a present to Nick’s parents will be. Little does she know that her boyfriend’s family belong in the super rich Asian families, if not the richest and proudest clan there is in all of the continent!

Rachel is thrust in a world where flying private jets (and actually owning the plane), dining in exclusive restaurants, going to Europe for a day to go shopping, and buying properties at the snap of a finger, and hiring private investigators to dig through one’s family background and geneology is the norm.

It’s so full of gossip, flaunting of material wealth, and absolute ridiculousness! You may think you’d hate them for living a life like that but in secret, you kind of wish you’re one of them.

The characters are ridiculous but lovable and although their names tend to mix in my head (because we get a lot of family relations and similar-sounding last names), they have distinct characteristics that’ll stick with you.

This book is an easy and fast read. You’ll gobble it up like a decadent chocolate cake. I know I did.

Book Rate: 4 stars 

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