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Wonder Woman: Warbringer

It’s the people who never learn the word impossible who make history,

because they’re the ones who keep trying.

— Leigh Bardugo, Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Let me just go ahead and say that this books is definitely one of the best books of 2017.

I’m not saying that just because Wonder Woman is such a hyped name after the movie success. I haven’t even watched the movie! So I had absolutely no opinions about Wonder Woman prior to reading this book. Now I really need to watch the movie.

Leigh Bardugo is no doubt a favorite author of mine now. I loved her Six of Crows duology. So much so that it’s on my top favorite books of all time list. But me having a favorite book does not automatically equate to the author being a favorite. Right now, though, Leigh’s name is on the list of favorite authors.

I don’t think I need to write a synopsis or introduction because you all know who Wonder Woman is.

I’m not familiar, however, with her original story line because I don’t read comics. Much more DC comics. I’m more of a Marvel heroes kind of girl.

But basically, Diana (Wonder Woman) unknowingly saved a daughter of Nemesis and put the island of Themyscira in danger and put the fate of World of Man in disarray. The two girls go on an adventure that involved Greek goddesses, Helen of Troy, a roadtrip around Greece, and just try and save the world before another world war ensues.

No big deal.

My thoughts are a jumble right now, as it usually is when I loved a book, so I’ll keep this simple: READ IT!

Also, here’s a bullet point of the pros and cons (because there still is something I didn’t like!).


  • Writing Style. Off the bat, I could already tell that it’s Leigh Bardugo. There’s just something familiar about how she introduces the characters and how she spins the plot around and reveals everything in the end. Sort of like dumping all the bombs at the very end. There were times that it felt like reading Six of Crows and you may think that it’s a negative thing for an author to sound absolutely the same in different books but with Leigh, I don’t complain. Especially since I need more of her characters!
  • Characters. I was hesitant to pick this book up because there was no mention of any boy in the synopsis and I tend to get annoy pretty quickly at all-girl characters. I think they cause too much unnecessary drama — hence I stick with fantasy more. But I’m surprised to announce that I loved each and every one of the characters in this! Diana is funny because she takes everything literally and Alia is a nerd whom I’m glad we get to read perspectives from.
  • Banter. Leigh Bardugo is a master of writing funny and memorable character banters. Part of why I loved her books before (and now) is the way the characters communicate with one another. I love their humor! It’s not the kind where it’s so obvious that the author is trying so hard to make the characters and book funny. My favorite banters from this book is whenever Theo and Nim argue with one another. I want to be their friends!
  • Important topics discussed. You may think that it’s all just urban fantasy and the adventures of our super hero. But no. The book also discussed important and relevant topics like racismfeminismpolitics, and the morals of science.
  • Family dynamics. I was surprised at how much talk of family and involvement of family members are in this book. I know Amazons are a tight knit kind of people, but even the human characters have their families involved and it’s really refreshing to read.
  • Diversity. Oh how readers yearn for diversity in every book nowadays… This one had diverse nationalities and sexual orientations. It’s all here, fear not.


  • Hated trope. It’s here! One of my most hated trope is here. But I let it slide. It’s the one where a character withholds information and when other character finds out, he is accused of lying. Ugh. It’s different, okay?? Authors, please. Stop using this. If you’re going to make the character look like or be accused of being a liar, make sure that they did lie. Not just kept something from the others.

Book Rating: 5 stars

Don’t quote me on this, but one of the greatest things about this book is that it’s a stand alone! How much fantasy books do we get that are not a duology, trilogy, or full-blown 5 to 7 book series??? This is such a rare treasure. No more waiting around for a year or two just to find out what happens next.

We need more of this.


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